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The small variation: Bacon-loving lovers attended to depend on Bacon Today, a development and recipe web site focused on the delicacy, because their resource for cooking a common food together. The website is actually operated by people who find themselves passionate about bacon, and it’s really owned by Bacon Freak — the internet’s bacon distribution superstore. Bacon Freak supplies a lot more than 35 types and lots of variations of bacon — including uncured, gluten-free, and nitrite-free. And Bacon Today has the quality recipes covered — from chipotle bacon meatloaf to chocolate-covered berries with bacon sprinkles. The site assists bacon lovers look for new tactics to take pleasure in a timeless ideal.


BaconToday.com feels bacon is among the most flexible animal meat worldwide and deserves the due. The internet site, a collection of development and meals about bacon, had been created to greatly help enthusiasts discover a full world of bacon-y goodness beyond the common menus they see each and every day.

Bacon Today is run by Bacon Freak, a bacon delivery service, as well as the company is actually happy that the internet site has become a dependable source for lovers exactly who like bacon and cooking.

“Bacon Today welcomes almost 300,000 visitors per year and was designed to share fantastic dishes that every have actually a minumum of one thing in typical — bacon. We have arrived at find out a large number of men and women are excited about bacon,” mentioned Lissa Zoltak of Bacon Freak. “And BaconFreak.com is the only net bacon extremely store; it’s got an enormous range of products from packed plush pigs to chocolate-covered bacon and almost every piggy product in-between.”

Lissa said Bacon present eclectic fan base includes foodies, ketogenic eaters, people who captivate home, pork growers, and on a daily basis chefs trying boost the taste of recipes by integrating bacon.

In terms of the Bacon Freak staff, Lissa said becoming a bacon freak is amongst the prerequisites. “Our team is a lean, mean, bacon-selling device. We pride our selves on all of our customer care, as merely pleased clients are duplicate clients,” she said.

Quality recipes, Photos, techniques & Information tales Keep audience Coming Back

Many Bacon Today readers have actually encouraged ideas they cannot hold off to share with you with all the globe. Audience are encouraged to publish quality recipes, photographs, development stories, guidelines, and discuss their particular passion for bacon.

Regarding preparing the most wonderful night out dinner, Bacon nowadays readers get access to recipes being both savory and sweet.

“There are plenty quality recipes on Bacon nowadays; it’s difficult to choose one. I adore the bacon-wrapped chicken tenderloin with maple apple glaze. It’s tasty and consists of my favorite combination — oranges and chicken,” Lissa stated. “positive, the recipe requires an additional group of fingers while preparing the tenderloin. How intimate.”

Lissa said meals on the site variety in complexity, but she also has an easier specialty. “one particular but tasty dish is for an apple pie bacon grilled cheese sandwich,” she mentioned. “We you will need to match a flavored bacon from BaconFreak.com that best suits a recipe. The difference built in a recipe using a flavorsome bacon variety isn’t hard to identify — its an enhancement not merely a component.”

Lots of readers appreciate the lighthearted character in the web site, which highlights many entertaining articles about bacon, including one from Huffington Post’s Alison Spiegel, which published that bacon goes past an acceptable limit occasionally.

“We know bacon might have hopped the shark, therefore’re constantly attempting to ignore the undeniable fact that it could get overplayed,” Alison stated. “But then new bacon products, such as these Bacon Choco-Tots, come right into the picture and remind all of us that bacon has actually limitations just like anything else.”

Bacon Freak’s Monthly Club Sends top quality, fabulous Selections to the Door

Bacon Freak’s “Bacon is Meat Candy” Bacon of the period Club is said to be one of several original groups dedicated to the meat item. Members should expect a monthly distribution of two packages of flavored bacon.

“The bacon we transport every month is artisanal, small creation batch bacon, in addition to flavor and top quality are clear. Every month two of our favorite types tend to be selected for that thirty days’s delivery from over 40 varieties we hold,” Lissa mentioned.

Bacon with the Month members encounter an exclusive assortment of styles, including no-nitrite, gluten-free, and even a marriage version package offered in three-, six-, or 12-month subscriptions for brides and grooms. Initial shipment in addition is sold with a 100per cent cotton tagless T-shirt with Bacon Freak’s “Bacon is Meat Candy” slogan emblazoned over the front side.

Another pub perk is that you could include items to your month-to-month delivery without paying extra delivery. They call this the “Ride-a-Long” function. Lissa told all of us the business’s aim is to supply bacon fans top quality items made the old-fashioned method since the group thinks people do not have entry to similar products on grocery store racks.

“We believe mass-produced bacon pales in comparison to bacon manufactured in smaller batches, often dry-cured, slow smoked, and never inserted with material for healing purposes,” she mentioned. “our very own bacon takes longer to create, but, we guarantee you, it really is really worth the hold off. Once you match up a bacon lover with this classically created artisanal bacon, it’s some thing similar to a second honeymoon.”

Motivating Bacon Lovers to get to know, consume & Make Lasting Connections

The Bacon Today family members believes absolutely power in numbers. That’s why they’re going above and beyond to offer unique, enjoyable ways for people to meet up and share their particular love — including by uploading events on the website.

“the events tend to be bacon-centric, therefore if readers are fortunate enough getting a bacon occasion in their region, there are some great possibilities for bacon tastings along with other fun,” Lissa said.

Those interested in locating bacon-friendly activities in their own community can go on line to find the Bacon Today diary. Past events have incorporated Bacon, Brew and barbeque Festivals and the fantastic American Barbecue featuring a 5K program with bacon addresses to eat as you go along.

Bacon now can be involved in Bacon Bash Texas, an event planned for October 2018 in Cranfills Gap, Tx. Arises from tickets, deals, products, and contributions will go to offer cozy cold temperatures clothes for homeless folks throughout the condition also to send young ones with Type 1 Diabetes to specific camps and supply these with constant glucose monitors.

Lissa mentioned people enjoy linking over bacon as it allows them to explore brand-new reasons to celebrate the yummy treat, surrender, and meet like-minded folks. In addition to going to occasions, she locates that bacon lovers often meet and show dishes and memes making use of the Bacon the opinion area or through its fb web page.

“we now have quite a few funny bacon memes that folks give each other through social media marketing,” she mentioned. “linking over something is really easy, yet for which more and more people have enthusiastic feelings about, is an excellent way to get folks chatting and sharing.”

Future strategies consist of Launching a Unique Recipe Contest & Incorporating brand-new Products

Bacon now caters to every person, but 55per cent of its readership is actually feminine. Ideas consist of launching meal material and items the company believes can help boost their audience.

Lissa told united states bacon dishes have become more exciting and creative. The woman purpose should deliver that creativity to Bacon Today and motivate readers to exhibit down their skills.

“We plan to start a dish competition with prizes for the most unique, the most bacon, the absolute most unlikely combo, etc.,” she said. And Bacon Freak consistently innovate their brand while making sure the quality of bacon remains top-notch.

“At Bacon Freak, we always add new services as soon as we discover something that individuals think fulfills the deliciousness factor people have arrived at count on from united states. Lissa mentioned. “We add distinctive meals that feature bacon, and, because of so many bacon enthusiasts on the net, there’s a good amount of noise that people dig through to obtain, test, and post the very best of the most effective bacon-related content.”